Friday, June 12, 2015

sex and drugs and rock n roll and debit cards and credit cards

ooOOOoooo Subversive
Bit of a mind blower, isn't it?
When I first saw it, I was like, "OOooh Johnny Rotten would be rolling in his grave if saw this ... Wait! he's alive!! And taking the money to the bank."
Never thought I'd live to see the day...
Except ... did we have a God Save The Queen stamp when the Royal Mail was royal?
Maybe I imagined that.

Yes, I know there was a butter advert. But if there wasn't a butter advert,  you wouldn't have seen Public Image on tour.
You know all the proceeds from the commercials went to fund the band on tour, don't you? (And isn't that understandable when you look John Lydon's past history with management and record companies.)

The record business has certainly leaked into different areas since I was a young punk with a bank account that had like TEN PERCENT interest on my savings account which meant banking was actually a GOOD idea.

Is this good PR for banks?  I'm confused.  The thing that I might recommend kids is the leaflet how to manage your money. 

18.9% APR in case anyone's comparing.

 more information here

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