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The Feelies ... new Album "In Between"

If you click here you will be transported to a page where you can read a brief interview  along with a chance to hear the new album "In Between"

Monday, February 20, 2017

Chris Spedding ...

Chris Spedding (72 years old. I can't believe it!) joined Tom Robinson on Radio 6 over the weekend. Totally recommend the show.
For the whole show click here   or for The Chris Spedding Segment click here

Chris Spedding was SUCH a generous interviewee, just as he is a generous guitar player on stage and in the recording studios. He got on great with Tom Robinson who was, of course, around punk back in the day.

You may know of Chris Spedding because he produced the Sex Pistols demo (15 May 1976).

You may also know that Chris Spedding played guitar on "Nilsson Schmilsson" with Harry Nilsson ... as well as two albums with Roxy Music, as well as touring with Roxy Music ... and John Cale ... yes!

He's also not without a sense of humour. He also recorded with The Wombles (but not in a Wombles outfit and nor did he go on Top of The Pops or any other away-day as a Womble) ...

But the reason he was involved with the Sex Pistols is that apparently Chrissy Hynde had taken him to see The Sex Pistols and he loved them.  He would hang out at The Speakeasy in London and other places and Journalists, when he said he liked the Sex Pistols told him, "Nah, they're no good" and were advising him to "Stay away from The Sex Pistols. They can't play."

But since Chris Spedding thought they were wrong, to PROOVE them wrong, Chris Spedding took our Pistols to a recording studio and made three very clear recordings of "Problems," "No Feelings" and "Pretty Vacant" - which they played on the show - making it very obvious that there was a drummer - Paul Cook - who could play ... the guitarists Matlock and Jones could play, and outside anyone who doesn't think Johnny Rotten was a perfect front man.

Then there was a rumour. That it wasn't Jonesy playing guitar and people and journalists thought the guitarist was Chris Spedding. On the show he said, "I told Malcolm to put out a press release to tell people that it was really Steve Jones." But Malcolm said, "Nah."

Just recently I had the good fortune to see Chris Spedding live, twice, with The Sharks.

Here's a little bit of video:

set list
Our Hero (photo by daisy0

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