Saturday, October 30, 2010

One Night Only - Monday Nov 1st JOY DIVISION photographs by NME photographer KEVIN CUMMINS

Kevin Cummins photo of Ian Curtis, Hulme, Manchester.


for a One Night ONLY exhibition
of "JOY DIVISION" photographs by NME photographer KEVIN CUMMINS

AND there's a book which Mr Cummins will be available to sign.
It is a Rizzoli book and costs $45.00.

I gather there's an introduction by JAY MCINERNEY (wrote that book "Bright Lights, Big City") and LIVE IN THE GALLERY will be a conversation with BERNARD SUMNER (guitarist in Joy Division, and singer/guitarist in New Order).



NEW YORK 10014

what else is on at CBGB's gallery a.k.a. Morrison Hotel?

this link will take you to the CBGB's gallery on the Bowery in New York

Mick Rock at CBGB's gallery a.k.a Morrison Hotel

My friend Tim invited me to The Bowery last Tuesday.

That might not sound like the sort of place a gentleman like Tim should take a refined British woman like myself after dark but The Bowery is a little different these days. For one thing, it's got great tarmac if you are a limo driver. For another, there are luxury hotels and apartment buildings and here we were in October, and people were eating on the pavement. And I mean at tables. On chairs. With waiters bringing out their fabulous dinners from a restaurant.

That shock over. We arrive at CBGB's Gallery. (I'm going to call it that. Tim accidentally called it that. Everyone I know of a certain age is going to call it that) but the awning now reads "Morrison Hotel Gallery."

That shock over, I recognized a huge thunderbird type car parked outside as one that belongs to a man called Berndt. I remember his name because the car has no paint and looks like it's burned. The engine was warm.

There was a line outside.

Of people.


We went to the door and noticed a HUGE crowd inside.

Man at door (with clipboard): "Would you like to be in the list?"

Tim: "How long is the wait?"

MaD: "about 5 minutes"...

Tim: "Okay."

We joined the queue. Tim called Godlis and reported the situation. Godlis was on his way. Talking of legends, I noticed that the gallery space was for rent and I know this because I looked up and saw a sign that read "LEGENDARY REAL ESTATE" with an arrow pointing to the awning below along with a number to call.

A few minutes later, the man with the clipboard at the door, came down the line and got us. As if we were special.
It was so peculiar.
This was for MICK ROCK's photo exhibit.
Maybe it was a fire hazard thing.
I was confused.
I was used to waiting for tables and to get into disco's but not to a photo show.
There's a first time for everything.

We joined the shoal of people who roamed into the space. Passed a sign that said "NO PHOTOGRAPHY". I beg to differ, sir.

I saw beeeeeeeautiful photographs of Bryan Ferry and Iggy Popp and Freddie Mercury behind some very interesting looking punters. I got a very pleasant smile and hello in passing from a particularly interesting man with grey ringlets. And talking of grey-haired chaps, not just one grey haired bloke had his photo taken in front of a photo of a man on the bonnet of a long car I couldn't see the label as standing in front of that was Mr. Rock himself.

Mr. Rock was being filmed. People were saying hello. I kept my distance and took this terrible picture of him. As you can see, he has his eyes shut. That's why he gets paid the big bucks. And pounds sterling.

Here is one of Mick Rock's classic photos that was in the window. Although, as Suzi remarked when she saw it, "David Bowie ATE FOOD back then????"

When we came out, across the street in his sideways striped t-shirt and black trainers with white sides, was Godlis.

What an honour to meet up with him. While Godlis was discussing his strategy for Going In to see the show, John Espinosa swung over and gushed "it's great to be here to see you in front of CBGB's where you took all those brilliant photos" and I felt exactly the same. Thank goodness there's another gushy fan out there who said all the gushy stuff before I did. Godlis was a gent and had his photo taken with each of us in turn. John Espinosa took this photo of me and Mr. Godlis.

Anyway - here is Godlis' pictures from back in the day so you can get a sense of what a great time warp moment it was (see photo of Patti Smith to the right). And here is my terrible photo of John Espinosa who was talking to a band called The Young Ones. The drummer is the one closest to me (nat). John is in the suit on the right.

Then we went on to wish Bob Gruen a happy birthday at his bash down the block.

Here's Tim's rather good diary entry.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

20 10 2010. Ari Up has died.

i heard last night from my dear friend, Bryan who worked with Ari that Ari has passed through the velvet rope.
I understand Ari had cancer.

Ari Up was the lead singer of The Slits. If you want to hear what girls sound like inside themselves, you can play songs from their album "CUT" (and you can thank Dennis Bovell for the production) -- I am immediately back in London, looking at copies of Spare Rib (a feminist newspaper at the time) on the newstand, just growing into myself and Ari - years younger than me - saying things out loud that told me she was in this with me. In our doctor marten shoes instead of high heels. Taking our ties off as soon as we could after school. Home to records and out to parties and clubs and punk rockers.

At the end of the seventies, at the end of Portobello Road, under the concrete of the Westway - there was a street market - boxes of records. Where I got a copy of Dr Alimantado's album - where I passed Vivien Goldman in the street who raised a peace sign and said, "Jah Works" - with the backdrop of loud loud reggae and dub playing loudly and echoing. Where you could talk to the Jamaicans from the carribean who were claiming their turf there and then. The brackish black and white coming together. Exciting. In my memory the dub and the rumbling trains hum round me and tingled my feet in my boots scuffing on the pavement. Your punk rock badges on your school blazer. Hand made things. Jossticks. Indian scarves. The feeling that Ari Up was round here somewhere in this crowd of Rastas and smoke.

I knew she lived in Notting Hill back then.

The Slits were a delight to watch.
A shock and a delight.
A tingle and a terror.
A surprise and a thrill.

Ari will always wear a smile and be a scamp in my memory.

I think of her when I don't wash my hair and it goes really messy.
Which I love. And then I think of that song typical girls.

And then I brush my hair.


If I have too.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Big Sexy Noise

should you want to know what a big sexy noise is click here

Lydia Lunch is stuck in NYC. Lydia was supposed to go and play with The Only Ones in Brest.

The French General Strike has delayed her Air France flight. That must be annoying.

If I was on strike, I'd want to hear Lydia Lunch and The Only Ones. I heard Lydia Lunch play the night elvis presley died* (yes, I'm that old. She on the other hand is younger than me.)
The Only Ones are the BEST BAND EVER.

*you can read this story under "keith moon's birthday below.

Loud Flash

I was included in a black cab jaunt from Clapham Common to the building that used to be the Museum of Mankind, next to the BURLINGTON ARCADE - if you can believe this - to see an exhibition of punk rock posters and leaflets. Organized by a rather posh bloke called Toby Mott.

In the cab was Mark Stewart from the Pop Group and the lovely Shirin, who works for Future Noise Music.

Shirin stopped the cab so we could ron-day-voo with Poly Styrene who told me she had just been on the train with Billy Bragg who she hadn't seen in ages.

If I remember correctly, Poly said she is making a record with Big Youth and working with Future Noise.

Poly told me that she never stopped making music. For a few years she rested up with the Krishnas, who had a recording studio, and she was able to record some music there which, from the sounds of it, healed a lot of the turbulence that hit her after her success with X Ray Spex.

Poly still frequents the temples for some solice and meditation. It seems to be doing her the world of good. Poly looked fantastic. Radiant. It was GREAT to see her looking well (sans braces or, in American, without her retainer).

There were lots of flyers with X Ray Spex on:

We also spotted a very fit Adam Ant (nice hat)

as well as Spizz from SpizzOil.

It was lovely to be in a room with some old punks from back in the day.

The show had a bit of a wonky edge to it. It said in the liner notes on the wall that the National Front posters and Bulldog magazines (the "zine" of the national front) were there to "contextualise" the show.

That got a big "huh" from most of the punks.

I wasn't the only one who got the impression that Young Mott was implying that he'd been to all the gigs on the wall and collected the flyers himself.

When I mentioned what a big collection this was, a number of Ebay sellers in the room pointed out that certain posters had been bought on Ebay quite recently.

I don't know if you were one of the 40 people invited to the round table discussion regarding the show, were you? I hear the panel included the chappie who wrote The Sloane Ranger Handbook. Jolly Good, I suppose. [picture of girl splaying hands].

I said cheerio to Mark and Poly.

On the way to the train, I had to admire again the Ostriches not being Ostriches in the Louis Vuitton windows in New Bond Street:

OOooH! Got a brand new bag!

John Rotten has a book out with pictures in it.

to have a look at Johnnie Rotten's book click HERE

Monday, October 4, 2010

Ring in the new year with THE POP GROUP and SONIC YOUTH

The Pop Group are in the studio and have announced two new datesS

30th December - Manchester Apollo and a London New Years Eve - 31st December 2010