Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mick Rock at CBGB's gallery a.k.a Morrison Hotel

My friend Tim invited me to The Bowery last Tuesday.

That might not sound like the sort of place a gentleman like Tim should take a refined British woman like myself after dark but The Bowery is a little different these days. For one thing, it's got great tarmac if you are a limo driver. For another, there are luxury hotels and apartment buildings and here we were in October, and people were eating on the pavement. And I mean at tables. On chairs. With waiters bringing out their fabulous dinners from a restaurant.

That shock over. We arrive at CBGB's Gallery. (I'm going to call it that. Tim accidentally called it that. Everyone I know of a certain age is going to call it that) but the awning now reads "Morrison Hotel Gallery."

That shock over, I recognized a huge thunderbird type car parked outside as one that belongs to a man called Berndt. I remember his name because the car has no paint and looks like it's burned. The engine was warm.

There was a line outside.

Of people.


We went to the door and noticed a HUGE crowd inside.

Man at door (with clipboard): "Would you like to be in the list?"

Tim: "How long is the wait?"

MaD: "about 5 minutes"...

Tim: "Okay."

We joined the queue. Tim called Godlis and reported the situation. Godlis was on his way. Talking of legends, I noticed that the gallery space was for rent and I know this because I looked up and saw a sign that read "LEGENDARY REAL ESTATE" with an arrow pointing to the awning below along with a number to call.

A few minutes later, the man with the clipboard at the door, came down the line and got us. As if we were special.
It was so peculiar.
This was for MICK ROCK's photo exhibit.
Maybe it was a fire hazard thing.
I was confused.
I was used to waiting for tables and to get into disco's but not to a photo show.
There's a first time for everything.

We joined the shoal of people who roamed into the space. Passed a sign that said "NO PHOTOGRAPHY". I beg to differ, sir.

I saw beeeeeeeautiful photographs of Bryan Ferry and Iggy Popp and Freddie Mercury behind some very interesting looking punters. I got a very pleasant smile and hello in passing from a particularly interesting man with grey ringlets. And talking of grey-haired chaps, not just one grey haired bloke had his photo taken in front of a photo of a man on the bonnet of a long car I couldn't see the label as standing in front of that was Mr. Rock himself.

Mr. Rock was being filmed. People were saying hello. I kept my distance and took this terrible picture of him. As you can see, he has his eyes shut. That's why he gets paid the big bucks. And pounds sterling.

Here is one of Mick Rock's classic photos that was in the window. Although, as Suzi remarked when she saw it, "David Bowie ATE FOOD back then????"

When we came out, across the street in his sideways striped t-shirt and black trainers with white sides, was Godlis.

What an honour to meet up with him. While Godlis was discussing his strategy for Going In to see the show, John Espinosa swung over and gushed "it's great to be here to see you in front of CBGB's where you took all those brilliant photos" and I felt exactly the same. Thank goodness there's another gushy fan out there who said all the gushy stuff before I did. Godlis was a gent and had his photo taken with each of us in turn. John Espinosa took this photo of me and Mr. Godlis.

Anyway - here is Godlis' pictures from back in the day so you can get a sense of what a great time warp moment it was (see photo of Patti Smith to the right). And here is my terrible photo of John Espinosa who was talking to a band called The Young Ones. The drummer is the one closest to me (nat). John is in the suit on the right.

Then we went on to wish Bob Gruen a happy birthday at his bash down the block.

Here's Tim's rather good diary entry.

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