Monday, September 19, 2011

Pop Group and Public Enemy at ATP October 1st/2nd 2011

There are a few reasons to jump in the car and jet to the Jersey Shore next week:
number one is The Pop Group are going to play their first US gig this century.
I guarantee you will never see a band like them.
They were hot and funky in Punk Rock London last century and haven't lost any of their edge or groove.
I saw them this time last year at a tiny club called The Garage in Highbury Islington, London and don't regret the plane fare one bit. I went to both shows and both were magic.
I understand they have been in the studio together since 9/12/2010. My hope was for a Pop Group Christmas present but it hasn't happened - i believe that's a YET.

Mark Stewart has been working on a collaboration record and has some mind opening sounds in a recording facility near me. Hopefully that will be in the merch tent. Fingers crossed.

Their drummer is Bruce Smith fresh from Public Image Limited's recent outings to spots around the world including a recent visit to Japan. He'll give your skeleton a dance lesson.

The second reason to get a ticket for OCTOBER 2 is that PUBLIC ENEMY are going to play the whole of their BRILLIANT album Fear of A Black Planet.

There's a brilliant download available on this link - and it's also where you can get your All Tomorrows parties tickets

See you in the front row.