Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hop Farm 2011 Saturday

We saw Iggy Pop who bounced about like a ten year old - and I mean like the ten year olds that were in the field with me, next to me bouncing about! Lou Reed came out and I gather he has hasn't kept up his gym membership. He looked a little creaky. Patti Smith sung her heart out and ran about a bit along the front row of fans although quite what she was talking about, I have no idea - but she looked happy. Magazine were magnificent. I swear Howard has a bit of a crush on Knock-oh his guitarist in the silver trousers. and then it grew dark and Morrissey came on. He was magnificent.
And then we got in the landrover and slept on our blow up mattress. In the morning, the sun was blazing brightly across the field we had parked in - and there was a mist. It was beautiful. Then we drove to London. Had a nap and went to Hyde Park to catch PULP - the last band at Hyde Park Festival.