Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Ready Steady Go ... here's geneRAtion SeX ... Roxy ... 30 October 2018

The whole concert live from the Roxy was posted on Facebook today Generation Sex live at the Roxy, Los Angeles
(so good to hear STEVE JONES guitar on anything ... and they sound like they had a really good time together.)

Monday, October 29, 2018

Tony James and Billy Idol have a chat with Steve Jones

OCT 30 Roxy - Generation Sex FREE CONCERT

What do you get if you cross Generation X with the Sex Pistols ...
The answer is GENERATION SEX -
FREE TICKETS by registering here ... click this link
Playing FREE in  Los Angeles at the Roxy
9009 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood CA

Tony James, Billy Idol Gen X and Paul Cook Steve Jones Sex Pistols

Friday, October 19, 2018

Heavenly Films ... JOY DIVISION Q&A in which Jon Savage goes to the mystic

Went to see Grant Gee’s documentary ‘Joy Division’ - "the definitive documentary about the Manchester band. Written by Jon Savage and featuring candid interviews with Bernard Sumner, Tony Wilson, Peter Hook and Stephen Morris. It captures perfectly the era and the city that gave birth to one of the UK’s most important post punk groups."
Yes ... and very moving.
On the way home I felt for his wife, Debbie.
I know she's written a book. She was absent in the movie.
Jon said simply, she didn't want to be in it.
I felt she was generous in remaining absent.
Her marriage smashed (?, what do I know) by the girlfriend in the film.
The film of course, after all, is about the band.
And for the record, the night before his death, before Joy Division were getting on the plane to go to the States (and super stardom most likely) he had said he didn't want a divorce.
What an extraordinary spirit he was.
There was talk of him being channeled and it certainly appeared that way.
At the Q&A Jon Savage mentioned that he'd gone to see a mystic. So we were in on an EXCLUSIVE ... I caught a bit about what Jon said about that.
(Also  It was good to hear in the Q&A afterwards that Bernard and Peter Hook have resolved their differences recently.)

Monday, October 15, 2018

Friday 19 October Alternative TV at Cafe Oto

Mark Perry is joined by EXTNDDNTWRK {Andrew Fearn of Sleaford Mods) + RICHARD YOUNGS + MAP 71 
 each have a track on a very limited double-7” issued available on the Friday.
Cafe Oto
18-22 Ashwin Street
E8 3DL
Advance tickets on sale now:

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Dick O'Dell at Soho Radio

Went to visit Soho Radio to hear Dick O'Dell record his show. He's recording a two-hour show monthly and telling stories about his rock and roll life and setting it to music of the period that he's talking about.
I joined him when as he moved into the early 70s so it made for a pretty funky good time, and I heard how Dick nearly killed Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple), by almost setting him on fire. Here's the show:  Soho Radio  ---

You can see the "special effects" he mentions here: the Deep Purple Explosion

oh, and on the way out we waved to Simone Marie (bass player Primal Scream) who also has a show called Naked Lunch. 

Good times on the podcast radio shows these day.

Simone Marie (bass player Primal Scream)

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Friday night out with The Black Delta Movement down from Hull

Barmy warm weather Kings X, Water Rats.
Didn't need a coat. October!
Band went on stage round 9pm. Up front two guitars, drummer (great logo on drums) and when Matt rocked sideways you saw Sarah - what a great bass player - in the back there ... Now if you closed your eyes you would swear the walls of the club fell down and the landscape went on forever. Open your eyes again and you're surpised how you're snapped back to a little cosy venue, lit with dots of light. If you're like me you probably couldn't say how long the songs were sure ...  time warps - energy expands... but you would say too short. Except their last song which was a cowboy epic  with anti-gun chorus.  I'm not sure where I went. I'm sure I was standing still - and whatever they took out of me they left light and love in return.

Great sound at this venue. No ringing ears afterwards.
Lovely to hang out afterwards -  such a friendly band and crew.

Bit of background - The Black Delta Movement formed in July 2010 and have supported bands such as Jesus and Mary Chain, Embrace, The Stranglers, Temples, Drenge, Toy, Shaun Ryder, Jefferson Airplane, Steve Cradock and have an album out called PRESERVATION. Here's their merch desk and  currently on tour - here are their tour dates

More music here including King Mosquito - WARNING might cause speed on the road if driving.

Sarah (bass) ... an Amy Rigby/Wreckless Eric fan
Dominic (Guitarist)

13 October - Elvis Costello on BBC Radio 4 Mastertapes.

Here is the link to the lovely show that's now been broadcast on Radio 4 that we went to see see last month recorded in the (soon closing) Maida Vale studios. Radio 4 Mastertapes

He had a health scare (a tumour that got caught early) but he's back on tour with his new album that was released yesterday, starting in USA. Tour dates 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Down in the basement of the Fred Perry Shop - Strummer Calling (till 14 October)

If you click the video you can walk down the stairs.

If you tune in to Aiden McManus' show on Portobello Radio on Wednesday 17 October you will hear Joe Strummer's widow, Lucinda, talking about how the Stummer 001 box set came about.

She will tell you how Joe kept his tape collection in lots of carrier bags in the shed.

Some of Joe's tapes  (a lot of them appear to have been made by Gaz Mayall)
LOOK FOR US NORTH ... this turned out to be a demo tape and when they asked Mick Jones if he knew anything about it turned out he had the master tape and the song is on the box set. 

Sometimes good luck comes in threes ... sometimes you see the sun through the trees - JS

If you are in Covent Garden before Sunday 14 October, you can see these items in real life (and get a free patch).

Robert Gordon (in stetson hat) is responsible for putting the exhibition together for Fred Perry.

You can leaf through Joe's notebook (reproduction that's contained in the Strummer box set)

my name is Joe Strummer

Some of Joe's tapes (including a ton by Gaz Mayall) 

Carrier bags from the shed

Derek Ridgers Book Launch

photo by Anna Goodman
A lovely evening with Derek Ridgers launching his new book of photographs -  some signed copies are available here  
If you are looking to get free postage to outside of the UK click here and contact sharon

Scarlett Cannon (left) Mo (right) photo David Johnson
Rusty Egan and Rosie Luther (photo David Johnson) 

Anna Goodman and Princess Julia

Gaye Black

Michael Stipe

Our man in Alexander McQueen

Anna Pigalle

Young Ridgers