Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lou Reed - thought for the day

Not sure if I am supposed to raise my fist in a bull's horn or just stand here with my mouth open.


Y'know, a long time ago now, I went to see Lou Reed play in a small club in New York. It was a benefit for Victoria Williams (who I am happy to report is doing well. Living in Joshua Tree. Has a Facebook account. Sang in New York for the Radio Free Song Club recently. Breathtaking. I'll find it and post it for you.) Victoria Williams Radio Free Song Club Single

Anyway - Lou Reed came on stage - in the dark. I hadn't seen him for years. I didn't know he wore glasses at this point, and my first thought was, "guitar tech." HOWEVER.
He plugged in his guitar and strummed.

From just that one strum - you just KNEW it was Lou Reed.

And I remember thinking, "if he wants too, he could play something like the opening chords of Smoke On The Water - and he would flatten us all against the back wall".

Instead, he strums and tells us a story.

This summer - we were at Hop Farm. The line up on ONE stage was Magazine. Patti Smith. Lou Reed. Iggy Popp. Morrissey.

We noticed that Gang Of Four were playing at the same time as Lou Reed and I was told that Gang of Four were fantastic. And believe me. I LOVE the Gang of Four.

But I do have a deep respect for Lou Reed. And I found myself rooted to the spot.

I was sad he was older.

Was surprised I was outside in a field.

I was sort of surprised I was in England.

I was glad it wasn't raining.

I thought he was pretty good. I know he was reading the words from an autocue. I know. I've got a memory like swiss cheese myself as it is.

His set list went:
Who Loves The Sun
Senselessly Cruel
Temporary Thing
Sunday Morning
Femme Fatale
Waves of Fear
Sweet Jane

Yes. Noone was more surprised than everyone aged 20 after December 1980 that he sang Mother.

I think John Lennon would have LOVED it.

I love Temporary Thing. So Much.

Okay I probably need a nap. I've got a bit emotional.