Monday, February 3, 2020

JC Carroll (The Members) has been busy

You've heard of the trans-Europe Express - now hear this -- about JC's Great-Aunt Irma escaping from those Bolsheviks (true story). It is a song from his new album called West ByFleet Selfie

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Television and Patti Smith at CBGBs in 1975

Television 00:45 Fire Engine 
Television 04:00 Tuning 
Television 05:07 Judy (Hello Jim) 
Television 08:50 Poor Circulation 
Television 14:00 Tuning 
Television 14:40 Breakin' In My Heart 
Television 20:30 Foxhole (The Soldier Boy) 
Speech 25:39 
Patti Smith 26:14 Soundcheck and tuning 
Patti Smith 28:51 We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together 
Patti Smith 31:33 Redondo Beach 
Patti Smith 35:45 Birdland 
Patti Smith 41:46 Speech 
Patti Smith 43:20 Space Monkey 
Patti Smith 48:01 Distant Fingers 
Patti Smith 53:30 Gloria 
Television 01:00:43 Venus T
elevision 01:04:54 Marquee Moon 
Television 01:12:39 Friction

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Andy Gill ... That essence rare ... 1 2 2020

I remember beaming at you on the balcony of the velvet black jewellery box of Irving Plaza, Tim, looking down at that joyous, one mass, all dancing and moving together, arms, waving, like phantastic ants that were somehow carrying Irving Plaza somewhere else, the balcony reached by vinyl red staircases tunneling down and up and around and the stage black curtain pulled apart. Hugo Burnham suspended in air, cymbals hanging from the ceiling it seemed, drum kit lit front and central, like he was managing a Star Trek desk and the whole place lifted off, just lifted off, just joyfully lifted off, didnt it? 
We knew the songs - love will get you like a case of anthrax. At home he's a tourist. They knew what we all want. I love a man in a uniform. Unburdened. And you've just reminded me we found out about the secret after-show at that hotel downtown. I think we got a taxi. Was that the day I met you, Delphine Blue? Wasn't it taped off but we ducked around. I remember we were on the grey flat floor with them just alive again just amazed again adoration. Magi, not just three wise men -- a gang of four with their gold, sense and Andy Gill, and Andy Gill gone now, gone beyond the velvet rope. Leaving star dust.
What a gift, what treasure. THAT red album with the men shaking hands that we swept into the record shop to scoop up and become acquainted with, to grip on the bus, to put diamond to the groove, and if I close my eyes with it spinning, be with that heavenly memory. 

Monday, January 20, 2020

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Widow Basquiat by Jennifer Clement --- love this book

Just finished this memoir.
It's the girlfriend's story and the magnet within the relationship and all the sticky bits.
It was a page-turner and an eye-opener.
New York is veeeeeeery different now.
It sparked a lot of memories of 1987/1988 when I worked downtown a few streets away from Basquiat's loft on Crosby Street.
On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights I had the crazy walk through Williamsburg, past the burned out cars and the boys going, "Pssst, hey mama," delis playing Cuban music, Puerto Ricans playing dominoes sitting on milk crates etc etc ... before it was gentrified. 

I would take the J or M train with it's Coney Island-like ramp over the river on the rattly bridge to the darkness that was the newly named Tribeca (repeating triangle below canal to remember the acronym), the new real estate name late 80s. graffiti on the trains, smoking on the platform, in the carriage.
Was it against the law?
I didn't know it but the bartender at the Odeon was a coke dealer and one time he took me after work to Save The Robots. Apparently he'd put the coke in my handbag when I wasn't looking I found out later.
I only found out he was a dealer when he didn't turn up for work one night and it was explained the police were on to him and he'd done a runner back to Baltimore.
Basquiat's dad used to chat to me when he came in, waiting for his English girlfriend, in his posh suit and tie. Her name was Nye. "Hi Nye." "Hello Darling," kiss, kiss. Cos I was also English.
Sometimes Jean-Michel might be in at the same time, at his favourite table by the stairs, ordering a salad but they never spoke.
He never ate the salad, disappearing downstairs. I might bump into him on my way down cos that's where the cloakroom was where i locked up the furs and camel coats. Winter.
Or I'd come back and see his salad and tell the bus boy, "No, don't take that. He'll be back."
Doodles on the napkin that stopped the music playing if you know what I mean. You'd look. Everything would go quiet and then I'd walk back to my station.
Of course I didn't work in the summer so when I got a call from the Odeon August 13 1988 that was a surprise.
They asked me what his dad's name was.
They were going to call and tell him that Jean-Michel had come back from Haw
aii but overdosed.
Death was all around.
Jennifer Clement has really done a great job with this book.
Girls with boyfriends on drugs.
What WAS it like?

Monday, January 13, 2020

Bonds - the Clash Invasion (no booze)

Tim Van Metter