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June 11 2015 Andy Rosen The End of Generation X - Proud Gallery Camden

ANDY ROSEN - The End of Generation X

Sunglasses on, can you believe it?  It was 8pm and we were outside the PROUD GALLERY in London and the sun was that bright at the Guest List desk. We were on the list, not because we're special, we'd RSVP'd online. We like the Gallery. We saw an Adam Ant photo show there a while back AND Adam Ant played.  That was a steamy night.

Inside the gallery is a nice big open space with a stage and a bar. There's a little shop at the entrance end and stables out the back at the other end of the room. The roof in the back is glassed over and each stable now turned into cosy nook with soft cushioned benches for private chats.

Andy Rosen's treasure on the wall.  First time a lot of people were having a look at it.

Andy Rosen left Camden in 1984, last century, having worked for various magazines such as Record Mirror, Sounds, The Face ... those were the days when he had to develop a contact sheet and pick a photo QUICK for deadlines. He'd left school during those 3-day weeks and power cuts and it sounds like he was surrounded by heroin palaces and unhealthy friends etc etc.  He left for Australia AND then went to LA where he worked with Chris Blackwell for a time and also shot stills for film posters.

Meanwhile, he'd left all his undeveloped negatives in a box with his mum, the delightful Roz Rosen in her fabulous red leather jacket, who was just beaming - the loveliest smile in the room.

I asked her what she thought of Andy back then? She said he always worked hard. Running around with his camera. She pointed to another son in the room who had also gone to Australia who had flown in specially who was also an artist. I think she said there's another brother, photographer but she also mentioned that he'd met his wife in Los Angeles, the lovely Peggy Steevenz.
There she is with the camera (Left) Barry Cain (writer/journalist). and then behind Barry is Alex Proud who owns the gallery, represents a lot of photographers, and appears on that programme Four Walls.
Barry Cain (rt)

We met Alex the Pagan. I admired his lovely cravat and he pointed out the print was Georgian pornography, in blue (rather good) and I met his lovely son Merlin, the poet, whose birthday is close to the Solstice (happy birthday)  and a nice chap in a summer hat. 

 We also met Adriana (Italian) who used to do the door at the WAG Club. She cycled to Camden from her day job through Hyde Park.

Oh, there's Andy Rosen (L)
A research scientist, originally from Manchester but who ran off to Trinidad rather than work at Congleton Cardboard Factory (where my Uncle Harry was mayor for a term or two).  Not much oil in Trinidad, came back. Takes photos. Knows beards are fashionable in Shoreditch.

Another fabulous cravat.  This gentleman from New York (bi-coastal) told me he was retired. He told me twice and I forgot to ask what from. He was wearing a really good skirt/trouser ensemble. He had a nice friend who came in a taxi and it took him over an hour from Bond Street.

This is me, some punter and some lovely photos by Andy Rosen. Very architectural. Lots of space for type of course, which magazine work requires. To your right is a shoot on the Eiffel Tower.

I didn't actually have a chat with Andy. Peggy told she met him in Los Angeles when she had a catering company there. They have been married for 28 years and have had LOTS of adventures. Brilliant. Long may that continue. 

And apparently, Andy Rosen was shocked when he checked the box at his mums to find he'd taken lots of photos of The Clash at the Aklam Hall's Christmas gig when there were only 50 or so in the audience (buses don't run on Christmas:

A lovely one of Ian Dury:

There were a few of Steve Strange and this one of someone ...

 zzzzz at the Blitz 

Someone in bed...

at home...

and away ...  Brighton Beach ... summer time ?  (Jam record cover)

There was also this one of Bruce Springsteen on his summer holiday: 

 I can guess why Andy Rosen lives in LA. But SUCH a good idea to come back and open the box. We had a lovely time.

June 3 2015 London Premiere of Damned documentary and Q&A

The Damned: Don't You Wish That We Were Dead 

Documentary by Wes Orshoski 

London Premiere with Q&A

It was a bit too warm to wear the red beret so I stuck it in my handbag. 
Met The Gang at The Blue Post.
From there we tottered round to the Prince Charles Cinema. 
I was walking with Rhiannon who has done time on the Merch Table for the Damned. We were looking forward to seeing how on earth someone could make sense of this band.   Our ticket said that there would be a Q&A with Rat  Scabies and Brian James. 

We were in the queue as Steve Diggle arrived in a rickshaw thing!

Steve Diggle arrives
Rat Scabies signs autographs before the show

And outside, coming out for the early show was Rat Scabies signing autographs. 
Meanwhile, at the same time as we're queing up, a band called The Damned goes on stage 80 miles away in Southampton with the other two original members.  Man that band is complicated. It seems there are two great guitarists but only room for one in the band. Captain Sensible (a man with two personalities) won't revert to bass player.  The singer, Dave Vanian also a man with two personalities, doesn't do Q&A's. 

The film is very well made. Sound was excellent, especially the concert footage old and recent. I think it benefitted from being made by a young American who was able to stand and let the band have their say. 

Of course there's always been the money issues. Nobody mentioned when Stiff Records dissolved, Rat Scabies and his dad bought the rights to the Damned songs and didn't let on to his band mates. ooOOOh.

Brian James had a few more things to say about "I just want to play" before heading back to the bar leaving Rat Scabies on stage saying, "I don't want to be standing at someone's grave thinking ... could've..."

Whilst I thought the documentary was informative, funny, well-paced and the music was undoubtedly thrilling and sounded great in the cinema, I couldn't help thinking that of course Dave Vanian would want to go straight home after playing with chaps like this. (Especially when he has his wife of 19 years at home (the fabulous Pat Bag A.K.A.Patricia Morrison from The Bags and Sisters of Mercy).

May 2015 - Chalkie Davies at Museum of Cardiff

We went to Cardiff

Mark Perry (ATV/Sniffin Glue) and Jill Furmanovsky (photographer) at the Barbican, London

February 2015

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Jamie Reid's letter regarding those virgin bank cards

This letter was posted on the Punk Rock Memorabilia site on Facebook.