Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pam Hogg dedicates her Collection to Pussy Riot

Enjoy a video of Pam Hogg's runway show ... a combination of Studio 54, David Bowie, Elvis, joy and romance with a sparkling palate of beautifully mixed colors...

watch Pere Ubu play Paris 2014 (full show)

I understand this is available for one year.
The show starts after an advert.
I recommend clicking through to view this on the french tv site and then through some gigantic TV somewhere.
Give yourself room to dance.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

FEBRUARY 2014 FFRUK Reggae Punk Monday 10 February 2014

FFRUK Reggae Punk Monday 12 Bar - with The Duel and an acoustic set from The Ruts DC

It was one of those Perfect evenings.
The million rain clouds that are over great soggy Britain at the moment took a breather.
We took the car and got a parking space right outside the tiny shop front that is the 12 Bar in Denmark Street, across the road from Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) old flat.

Open the door and you get a warm reception at the desk.
You are required to pay THREE POUNDS to get in.
Your mind does a time warp.  
All the faces in the room are immediately Chaucer characters.  
Esso (ex-Lurkers) glinty smile from a bench behind a beer on a Tudor hewn-wood table top.
Posters cover the beams.
Check out the merch desk.  Badges £1.  T-Shirts £15 (good cotton).
Bathrooms are up creaky stairs from the ante-chamber on your left and, before you duck through the doorway to the stage cave area, which might have been a boiler room at one time (or what's that big pipe doing in there) you could step down left, and play pool or pinball.

There’s some amplification sizzle and tick we’re in under the balcony bit at the back.

The band wobble up and balance on the stage.
The host band is The Duel.
They are playing 13 Mondays in row starting from tonight and inviting special guests along.
If you can't get to London, you can watch the gigs on a Live Stream on the 12 Bar site, I am told.

It goes without saying but The Duel are worth more than the entrance price.
They have a gutsy girl singer, Tara Rez, in her red Lurkers t-shirt and her platform brothel creepers; a young Captain Sensible sultan on electric pianos (one straps round his shoulders); a striped t-shirt sailor-face on electric guitar; a stand in bass player, in his best suit jacket, who was great.  In the corner is Pumpy Drums - his goatee beard is dyed red today, red sunglasses, red (life aquatic) wool hat - he plays seriously in his cartoon t-shirt BAM!

PUMPY photo by Maciej Wasilewski

The Duel  photo by Maciej Wasilewski

The sound is great.  I could hear the words.  My inner 17 year old went a bit bonkers down the front.  Couldn't help it.  Drummer.  He was doing voodoo skeleton-rattling.  It was a pleasant spell.
Coming round, I heard Tara introducing their last song, saying, “we are truly blessed to have the Ruts playing next.  Their first acoustic set in 35 years.”
She is wrong, but that’s only because these Ruts have NEVER done an acoustic set.
Why not?  
There is no sensible answer.

The room fills up with your roman descendents and spiky toothy geezers.
I am in the front row and remain there for the whole set.  
Dave Ruffy is first to the stage.
Followed by Seggs.
Then here comes Leah Heggerty with the beverages.

They sit down.
The evening sets sail.
They seem HUGE and capable to me
100% men with souls with jackets off.  Big men with broad shoulders and wide ribs and pulsing hearts.  The sort of men you’d see at the Thames Dock Yard with rope and inked-arms, clanking anchors, smiling with a golden tooth maybe. Every song is powerful and moving and dubbed and echoed with joining in bits and SPECIAL GUESTS Aynsley Jones and Larry Love from Alabama 3.

Highlights for my friend were In A Rut, Rude Boys, Babylon’s Burning ... hold on, no.  “Just the whole set really”  and for me the highlight was Love In Vain (dedicated to Malcolm, their singer who went down the path before Sid and Philip Seymour Hoffman).

 I got quite swoony over Aynsley Jones, and adored Dave Ruffy’s sweet backing vocals and witty banter in between.  And how nice was Lee Heggerty! He was kind enough to say Hello to my camera for my Ruts Fan Friend Tim Broun in NYC who I wished I could magic into the room with us.  

The joy that radiated off this band and the hope, that Seggs is telling the truth, that even though this is their first acoustic set, there may be others.

There were sing a long bits:

January 2013

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December 2013 Memorial Concert for Lou Reed

Jim Fouratt posted the Memorial Concert for Lou Reed who passed away in October, 2013.  Click here to see the Concert on Jim Fouratt's channel. 

November 2013

Bob Dylan played 3 nights at the Royal Albert Hall.

Last time he was in this hall, 4 Beatles were in the audience and it was 1966...

Here he is 71 years old.  He has arthritis now and doesn't play guitar.

He wore a rather good glittery shirt and played piano standing up.

Forgetful heart
Lost your power of recall
Every little detail
You don't remember at all
The times we do
Who would remember better then you
Forgetful heart
We laughed and had a good time you and I
It's been so long
Now you're content to let the day go by
When you were there
You were the answer to my prayer

Forgetful heart
We loved with all the love that life can do
What can I say
Without you it's so hard to live
Can't take much more
Why can't we laugh like we did before

Forgetful heart
Like a walking shadow in my brain
All night long
I lay awake and listen to the sound of pain
The door has closed forevermore
If indeed there ever was a door

October highlights

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

September 2013 Clash Pop Up Shop, Jah Wobble

  The Black Market Clash 
Pop Up Shop and Exhibition 
at Berwick Street, London 

We went to the Launch Party for this beautifully designed Box Set.
It really is quite a stunningly designed package, allegedly by Paul Simenon and Gordon who runs a Gallery in a train station called SUBWAY GALLERY.  I peaked inside at the CD's and each one is designed to look like just like a miniature record.
So clever.

And of course it's in this very clever Boom Box.

Hang on - i think this is a real boom box..

 Apparently, Don Letts who was at the event -  just inside the door manning the DJ booth, playing classic reggae amongst other beautiful tunes - has a huge collection of boom boxes (and this cute necklace:

Don Letts
 and many of his boom boxes were dotted around the shop as well as a lot of Clash memorabilia:

Joe Strummer's telecaster

laid to rest

Paul Simenon's guitar from the Album Cover LONDON CALLING as well as his bass with his name scratched on it:

The party was catered - Fish and Chips or Bangers and Mash (delicious)
At the party, we spotted Pennie Smith. Pam Hogg,  Jonathan Ross, Harry Enfield, Carl Barat and

Gary Powell and Glen Matlock
 Ray Gange, Chris Salewicz, Gaz Mayal and

John Cooper Clarke and Kris Needs

 We also chatted with Rosamund (left) who had just been to the Mick Rock/Lou Reed party and got this bottle of TRANSFORMER water, as well as her book and bag signed.

There was dancing and, later in the car park round the corner:

me and JCC
JCC told me he hadn't eaten at the party as he doesn't do fried food.  He was going home to eat.  He was starving. Johnny Green, his manager, was taking him.  Anyone else and I would have just thrown John Cooper Clarke over my shoulder and run off with him.  But I wasn't going to chance it with Johnny Green.

For more info and a nice account of the more goings on at the Pop Up Shop - here's our friend Retroman


JAH WOBBLE at Archway Tavern

We were looking forward to hearing what Mr Wobble has been up to lately. We knew he had written a biography - Memoirs of a Geezer, but we didn't know he has written and was going to be reading poetry  It was a light hearted evening with a lot of larfs. He also played some groovy tunes with his very responsive band. Link


Friday, January 24, 2014

August 2013


Peter Stevens 
 “Strummer Of Love.”
Book Launch

Gary helped organise a lovely evening at The Tabernacle in Notting Hill.

2013 JULY Month in the Country

Highlights -- helped my mum at her book stall at the Church Fete, went swimming at least 5 days in a row in warm sea, found another rock that had a heart shape on it.


5 for £1  book stall

book stall at Church Fete

JUNE 2013 - Meltdown (Yoko Ono), Stone Roses

Curated this year by YOKO ONO

Siouxsie Sioux's first London gig for 5 years.  They had to add an extra night due to popular demand.

Viv Albertine has a new album of songs, after 25 years away, as well as her wonderful stories.

The Vermillion Border (Cadiz Records)     Ten Stars - Excellent Record
You might like to know that the record was started off by Strummerville and Pledgemania.  Some of it was recorded at Mick Jones' studio where Mr Jones played guitar and guests that came on board include: Bruce Smith (Pop Group/Slits/PiL)  Jack Bruce (Cream), Jenny Lee Lindberg (Warpaint), Tina Weymouth, Wayne Nunes (Tricky), Glen Matlock, Richard Pike (PVT – Warp Records), Dennis Bovell (a genius) Norman Watt Roy (Blockheads, Wilko), Danny Thompson (Nick Drake, John Martin, Pentangle).

SIOUXSIE SIOUX - headlined in 2 parts.  Kaleidoscope in its entirety and a second whip-cracking, unflaggingly fabulous set.
Here she is in all her shiny white vinyl glory.

No Budgie on drums - that's the really lovely Robert Brian who was so nice to me backstage as I collected autographs like a 10 year old.  Couldn't help myself. 

Floated home.


Iggy and the Stooges were also at MELTDOWN.
Iggy asked the audience up on stage.
Here are the ones who heeded the call.

Overheard that at Glastonbury: Rolling Stones play the Headline slot on Saturday night.
EVERYONE -  that's like 180,000 campers - emerge from their tents wearing Rolling Stones T-shirts.
The Rolling Stones floated home.

Down the hill in Finsbury Park ... The Stone Roses came and played outside.  It was warm enough to wear a t-shirt.   This man floated home: 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Letter from London (3) to Stupefaction

Dear Mr. Boogaloo

As we look out of the window across the rooftops of London this morning we see – er – not very much.

It is, in fact, a very foggy day. Yesterday was so foggy the day didn’t even get light. It gave North London a lion witchy wardrobe air after such a run of beautiful colourful autumn days. Large leaves seem to have dropped all at once from the London plane trees to carpet the pavement. Mist in the lamplight. You hear your boots going up the hill and the overground train behind huffing off to Alexandra Palace. It's like I've got off the train in a different era and Stevie Smith or C. S. Lewis are in those low wattage sitting rooms I'm passing.

The Turkish man in the corner shop says, “the nights are drawing in now.”

“Ice cream, eggs, bread.”

Key in the lock.

I didn't tell you what we did at the weekend -

We got to see The Mekons on SUNDAY at NOON at Rough Trade East.

It was a beautiful autumn day.
Here's me with the wonderful Sally Timms (having some curry).

We used to live opposite each other in Williamsburg, Brooklyn before she left for Chicago. Sally was kind enough to contribute to the very first issue of my zine.

That was 1994. Just look at what The Mekons have all been doing since then.
Amazing really.
Susie Honeyman played with Rip Rig and Panic, Vivien Stanshall, as well as a lad down the hill from here called Alan Boyd who plays with Decline and Fall
Lu Edmonds played with PiL last year at that transcendant Terminal 5 gig I told you about.

The Mekons were finishing up a European tour.
We were lucky to have this last little round up for an early Christmas present.
They were wonderful.
There was this lovely after Church atmosphere.

They played all new songs from their new album ANCIENT AND MODERN 1911 - 2011.
They were soul lifting. The Mekons seem to have vacuumed experience from village pubs to speakeasys from Leeds to Prague. You have these very accomplished people up there. This is like there 30th album or so.

I love that the CD has the lyrics in otherwise I would have missed:
“I look out of my window across the rooftops of London... I remember the taste of salt water the thousand times I drowned before”. from I Fall Asleep.

"It is my intention to forget. While there's still time..Gonna drag my cart piled high while there's still time. Gonna build another bomb and hope the doctor comes while there's still time..." - from Geeshi

Sally Timms is ever soulful, witty. She said, "We should do more shows at noon. Then we can all be in bed by 3."

Tom, in his lovely red trousers, sang "I fall asleep" which has the chorus "I fall asleep when I should pray". He brought up some special guests.

Here's my wonky video:

I understand Noel Gallagher was at The Beacon in New York this week. Do you know anyone who went? I have trouble distinguishing between the brothers and was glad we popped in to a gallery to see photos by a photographer who has contributed many fine photos to the New Musical Express.

Lawrence Watson had exclusive access to join Gallagher Snr in Los Angeles where he was recording High Flying Birds, the first solo album with his new band. Mr. Watson has taken photos of loads of bands. Smiths. Run DMC. He left school at 16. Did the photographer’s assistant thing in Old Street (down the road from here) and worked in TV at some point before the NME.

Gary wore his rather good leather jacket. He told me, “I had to get up early to buy it.” Apparently, a charity shop he knows puts certain items in the window for a week but only sells them on Fridays. He had waited outside with a lady on her way to work who was going to get some Jimmy Choo shoes (or kill the person who beat her to them). Gary got lucky – the jacket was a good fit.

We walked into the Gallery. They were setting up for the private view later. Gary bought a signed poster before the rush:

but none of the young lads behind the counter had change.
Young lad: “I’ll just go and get some change from Lawrence. He’s just round the corner," (which we thought was funny because – well – getting change off the artist instead of the artist being starving – you know..). Anyway – round the corner comes this lovely hairy bloke wearing a jacket just like Gary's. Look!

Watson got his jacket in Venice Beach, California. Swapped on of his prints for it.
I think the print receiver got a deal there. I liked the photos. And Angelo had done a really great job of hanging them. Larger than album size in the front. Just bigger than CD covers in colourful groups around the main room. Moody black and whites with space around. Some manipulated b/w images from when you pull open a film test thing and there’s the negative on one side and the print on the other. There was Noel looking back at you brooding alone in a daytime diner; hanging out at the LA Amtrack railway station. And I particularly liked this one with the bloke in the Panama hat behind our Man Gallagher. Ola!

I remember being in that Amtrack station in LA. It's catty corner to Phillippe's Home of the French Dipped Sandwich where the waitresses wear uniforms. The floor is covered in sawdust. And there's a HUGE YANKEE SIGNED BASEBALL COLLECTION. And the coffee is still like, 50 cents.

Shoreditch High Street Overground station is like an airport station. The whole East London line feels so Euro. So aluminium. So easy to clean!

About that Manchester Poster Show.
I had to do some homework for college but our man went along and took a few photos for you. Apparently it's a Framing shop which the owners turn into a gallery from time to time. There were some interesting posters of bands from Manchester including this fine wall of Smiths posters:

this truly rare Stone Roses poster:

These bands you know -

and this poster that was rescued from the foyer at The Hacienda:

Gary chatted to some bloke who bought original Joy Division & Factory Posters telling Gary as he paid for them that he'd read somewhere that this was going to be a "good investment."

Alrighty then.

When our Man came home we had some tomato soup and a ham sandwich and watched TV. We like Never Mind the Buzzcocks - a BBC TV game show with Noel Fielding from Mighty Boosh leading a panel. They have special guest hosts from time to time and this week was ALICE COOPER. He was great. Here he is talking about the day he gave Iggy Pop a switchblade:

And while we're on the subject of unusual TV sightings:
Look! Sex pistols on TV at Christies

Talking of Posters as Investments:

Yesterday we went to an Christies in South Kensington.
They were having an auction of Rock and Pop Memorabilia.
Few Bob Dylan posters. Jimi Hendrix' autograph (1500 pounds). Marc Bolan's tambourine (and authentication letter) as seen on Christies trolley (right) after sale.

Some people would think I'm kidding when I say there were Sex Pistols posters on the block (some genuine and some reproductions) as well as an unexpected (eerie) "costume".

On close inspection this was a Kammgamm Trevira suit - navy blue with lar-may thread - and shirt, that Sid Vicious wore to court (photographs included)in 1978.

Looks like it could fit Gary

Typical girl. I'm like "There's a button missing" (no explanation).

It belonged to his mother's (Anne Beverly) estate and there was a letter telling us she saw Sid in it, included in the lot. A telephone bidder took it home for eight thousand pounds. Bit sad.

Wandering around we saw letter in a glass cabinet, signed by Paul McCartney, requesting someone to come to an interview to be a drummer for their upcoming gig in Hamburg, offering a fee of eighteen pounds. (That would make a great Christmas present for any drummer I know and love).

Remember that poster we showed you last week? One of these Clash posters sold for 380 (didn't make estimate)

On the way out, I thought I saw Scarlet the Heavenly Healer who I used to see at the Roxy Club, back in the day, and said hello. It wasn't her but the daughter of a lady who dated a member of Zep. We had a mutual rue the day we cleaned up session in the lobby "oh why hadn't I kept those punk rock flyers" or, in her case, "those signed Beatles tickets by all four Beatles", and crossed the street to Cafe Nero for a free coffee (I have a loyalty card).

Why aren't I making more art these days, I wondered.

See that marvelous BED PEACE piece? Eighty Thousand Pounds.
That's sort of a sign of the times, isn't it.
Went to a phone bidder.

Bed Peace at Christies

And so to Bed.
xxxx daisy

May you keep as warm and cozy as a taxi: