Saturday, January 25, 2014

September 2013 Clash Pop Up Shop, Jah Wobble

  The Black Market Clash 
Pop Up Shop and Exhibition 
at Berwick Street, London 

We went to the Launch Party for this beautifully designed Box Set.
It really is quite a stunningly designed package, allegedly by Paul Simenon and Gordon who runs a Gallery in a train station called SUBWAY GALLERY.  I peaked inside at the CD's and each one is designed to look like just like a miniature record.
So clever.

And of course it's in this very clever Boom Box.

Hang on - i think this is a real boom box..

 Apparently, Don Letts who was at the event -  just inside the door manning the DJ booth, playing classic reggae amongst other beautiful tunes - has a huge collection of boom boxes (and this cute necklace:

Don Letts
 and many of his boom boxes were dotted around the shop as well as a lot of Clash memorabilia:

Joe Strummer's telecaster

laid to rest

Paul Simenon's guitar from the Album Cover LONDON CALLING as well as his bass with his name scratched on it:

The party was catered - Fish and Chips or Bangers and Mash (delicious)
At the party, we spotted Pennie Smith. Pam Hogg,  Jonathan Ross, Harry Enfield, Carl Barat and

Gary Powell and Glen Matlock
 Ray Gange, Chris Salewicz, Gaz Mayal and

John Cooper Clarke and Kris Needs

 We also chatted with Rosamund (left) who had just been to the Mick Rock/Lou Reed party and got this bottle of TRANSFORMER water, as well as her book and bag signed.

There was dancing and, later in the car park round the corner:

me and JCC
JCC told me he hadn't eaten at the party as he doesn't do fried food.  He was going home to eat.  He was starving. Johnny Green, his manager, was taking him.  Anyone else and I would have just thrown John Cooper Clarke over my shoulder and run off with him.  But I wasn't going to chance it with Johnny Green.

For more info and a nice account of the more goings on at the Pop Up Shop - here's our friend Retroman


JAH WOBBLE at Archway Tavern

We were looking forward to hearing what Mr Wobble has been up to lately. We knew he had written a biography - Memoirs of a Geezer, but we didn't know he has written and was going to be reading poetry  It was a light hearted evening with a lot of larfs. He also played some groovy tunes with his very responsive band. Link


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