Thursday, June 4, 2015

Graham Parker and the Rumour on tour (New album May 18)

-**--[This just in: Tickets for the Forum gig]

Graham Parker and the Rumour are playing New York next week at the Highline Ballroom but they don't get to London til October 12.   Their only date so far is at The Forum and the ticketmaster office is "Closed"** but I see there are still tickets available at The Brook, on the River Itchen, Southampton
Now don't be fooled - not every band that plays there is a Tribute band.
The ZZ Tops are a tribute band.
TResxtasy are a tribute band, plus you should know that one of TRex has gone beyond the velvet rope...
Peter Hook, Tom Robinson and Graham Parker are all the real deal.
So if you fancy an away day down the motorway or a few tins on the train - it's Waterloo and change at Southampton Airport and then get the local to Swaything (or if you miss that stop, St Denys.)

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