Friday, June 26, 2015

Bob Dylan at the Royal Albert Hall (2013)

Bob Dylan will return this year to play the Royal Albert Hall London for the third time in his career, 21, 22 & 23 October.

The first time was in 1966. The Beatles were in the audience and he was a bit off his trolly, even playing drums at one point (borrowing the drumsticks of Levon Helm). During the show, some heckler shouted at him and told him he was rubbish (which, to be honest, Bob Dylan is not a great drummer). But he heard the guy and replied, "RUBBISH? I wouldn't use that word if I picked it up off the ground in the street" (according to my friend Myles who was 4th row centre).

The second time was to play a set of three nights in November 2013.
I was at the second night.

I managed to get a ticket at the last minute from 888 Tickets on Shaftesbury Avenue. Their office was in a little Charles Dickens building with a tiny little front door. However when you're buzzed in it's like that house in the Beatles movie. loads of staircases and corridors.

I managed to locate a little broom cupboard door to an office with the precious ticket.
From there I got the bus.

Took my red velvet seat in the stalls and sat in a state of levitation most of the night. The sound in there is wonderful. A very respectful audience. He doesn't play guitar these days. He has arthritis. He stood at the piano or walked to the center mike to sing.   He wore a glittery shirt and a pair of trousers with embroidered chain-links up the side.

This was a highlight - (not the quality of the video - the song) (maybe just close your eyes and listen ... there wasn't supposed to be any recording...)

The Royal Albert Hall is a round buidling and walking towards the train station afterwards I happened to pass the bass player, Tony Garnier.

Shortly after this photograph was taken a car that had seen better days screeched on to the forecourt. Tony got in and was screeched away up Kensington Gore.

I overheard someone say  Bob Dylan's coach was gone.
If indeed there was a coach.

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