Thursday, May 16, 2019

new book out about Led Zeppelin's manager Peter Grant

I only have two stories about Led Zeppelin. The first is that I always used to put my fingers in my ears when I even heard someone say "Led ..." It was just what my punk gang used to do. ANY BAND with flared trousers were just too OLD. Nope. We wouldn't even speak the name.
It was only when driving with the radio on, from New York to Cleveland Christmas 1989, that I was bouncing my head in the front seat, telling my husband, "this is going to be hit."
"What are you talking about?" He said, "This is a classic radio station. This is Houses of the Holy by ..."  and he said, and I heard, "Led Zeppelin."

The other story is that a friend told me John Bonham played a drum solo for 20 minutes at Earl's Court. The band left the stage, and unknown to the audience, went across the street to the pub for a pint and back.
My friend knows cos they bought him a drink cos he couldn't get a ticket to the sold out show.

Then there was that movie, Almost Famous. And who didn't like that?

So meanwhile, Mark Blake, (Mojo, Q) journalist, has gone a little further than everyone.
He claims that Jimmy Page gave him the idea for the book. Jimmy doesn't remember.
Does it matter?
Led Zeppelin's manager IS a hell of a story.
And it does deserve a book.
What do you REALLY want to know about Led Zeppelin?
What a roller coaster life ... Peter Beard.
Q&A last night was nicely curated by Pat Gilbert (Mojo).

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