Friday, December 16, 2016

The Unreliable Witnesses and Vic Godard and the Subway Sect play The Water Rats 9 Dec

 The Unreliable Witness
photo Tonje Cecilie Tainsh
Water Rats
Kings Cross London.
Friday 9 December

It wasn't cold out. Took the 17 bus down to King's Cross. DJ Sue welcomed everyone in to the room with every song she played. The sound was perfect. The lights were groovy.  The merch was groovy.

Sheila took this photo
There were three bands. The first band was The Unreliable Witnesses. They were very interesting, upbeat ... a three-piece cover band with a difference. They had Cos Chapman on guitar - but he didn't just strum, he scraped and tapped with a drumstick... and Miss Demeanour played bass, but not a walking beat and humming, steam-heat radiator, heartbeat throbbing bass and the front man ____ [name check] read out songs:

They never "sing" the same song twice so each set is unique.

They had a special guest for one number who looked the spitting image of Vic Godard but he was called to the stage by the name Kew-C.

And they did a Christmas song.

The third band up was indeed Vic Godard, with Dave Morgan on drums and Mark Brady on guitar. The keyboard/guitarist was ____ [name].

It wasn't a typical Vic Godard and the Subway Sect set. It was a bit of poetry here, a bit of jamming behind Vic as he sorted papers and picked a poem or a song at random. There were some covers and no set list to pinch at the end.

A fabulous version of Waiting For My Man was pretty masterful...

DJ Sue 
17 December - Dragon Bar, Hastings, 8.30-11.30pm, FREE 
18 December - The Enterprise, Camden, 7.00pm-midnight, FREE
19 December - Shoreditch Radio Show, 6-8pm
20 December - Joe's, 10pm-3am, FREE before 11pm then £3
22 December - The Strongroom, Shoreditch, 7pm-1am
27 December - Joe's, 10pm-3am, FREE before 11pm then £3
29 December - Camden Head, 10pm-2am, FREE 
31 December - Howling Hops, 9pm-2am, FREE: New Year's Eve Party

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