Friday, December 16, 2016

Amy Rigby (Assisted by Wreckless Eric) at the Apple Tree

What a brilliant early Christmas present... Amy Rigby on tour in the UK.
Wreckless Eric (her husband) played bass and what I liked about that was he didn't play in the background in any tip-toe kind of gentle way. He came up front and gave the songs warmth and power.

It was a cosy little room near Exmouth Market in London. The crowd gave the two a very warm reception and we were given such a lovely set... Funny, heartfelt, real-life songs...  John Perry from The Only Ones happened to be standing near me at the bar and said afterwards he found himself laughing and then being taken to the brink of tears which you have to admit tells you the high quality of her talent.  Some of the songs played that night were...

Eric is surprised to meet John Perry (Only Ones)
photo Nick West

We spotted Nick Tesco from The Members in the audience with his lovely partner Francesca (who can knock out a characture in minutes) and when Wreckless Eric stood in for the photo here a few people thought, hmm... that would be an interesting band for Amy... after all those guys know three chords (at LEAST!)

Francesca's drawing
Best dressed punters... Lloyd and Ali Rawlings

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