Thursday, January 1, 2009

the charts - oct 22 1977

in those days we waited for the charts. They would be announced on the radio at lunchtime on tuesdays and the DJ would play the top twenty in order. We would listen at school. If you wanted them in print you had to get the NME or the Melody Maker.
Here are the top selling singles in the week of October 22, 1977.
As you can see HOLIDAY IN THE SUN by THE SEX PISTOLS is a new entry at number 24, just below NAME OF THE GAME by Abba.
The number in brackets is where the record was last week in the charts so if there is a dash in the brackets, it's a new entry.
As you can see you could be dancing to Donna Summer one minute and pogo-ing up and down the next.
Kept you fit.

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