Saturday, November 26, 2016

Joe Corre burns memorabelia ... come yawn with me...

On the cold, rather damp gloomy afternoon that it was here in London today, 26 November... on the River Thames, Joe Corre makes his film crew film "the" burning of his memorabelia.  

SPOILER ALERT:  no one swoops by with a fire-extinguisher at the last minute to save it.

And, it was heavily rumoured, that the reason Joe Corre spoke ill of the dead a while ago (the dead man being his dad, Malcolm McLaren) was because Malcolm left his son Joe a lot of ton of knock-off Seditionaries clothing made in China. Whether Malcolm knew they were knock-offs wasn't clear when overheard in the loud venue but it is 90% likely that the burning could actually be that junk punk stuff. Who knows if Joe has the real stuff in his loft. And as someone else said, "Why couldn't he do it quietly at the end of his garden?"

The streaming video originally posted on youTube has been taken down and this video, with the preamble of Joe's manifesto, has replaced it. 

No fire-barge comes along side. 

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