Sunday, February 4, 2024

Wayne Kramer with Pere Ubu. RIP Wayne Kramer

Wayne Kramer has passed peacefully. 

How amazing that he got sober, married his beloved Margaret, started a family and did so much for the American wing of Jail Giutar Doors (Billy Bragg does similar in the UK). 

He played with my beloved Pere Ubu, and it was recorded. 

Recorded at the Knitting Factory September 13 1998

Richard Lloyd from Television -- talking about his rock and roll life


It's 5am. i am warm in bed on this February Monday. I'm listening to him and suddenly remembered going to see Television and being in the bar upstairs afterwards and he was there. I asked him to sign my ticket and he did. So long ago ... he has a great book and a lot of this interview is in the book. 

 At around 7mins he hears The Voice that tells him "you need to play a melody instrument." He puts the drumsticks down.  But i wont spoil it. Here's the book -

Friday, December 29, 2023

Happy Birthday to Marianne Faithfull - thanking you for that time at Meltdown.

 Seen here at Somerset House at Chris Stein's Book Launch talking to Debbie Harry.

and there was that time when I saw her sing at Meltdown Festival, Southbank.

Marianne Faithfull... She walked out on stage. We applauded. She got emotional, then we got emotional... every song perfect for her. Started with Broken English, Tower of Song (Cohen), she did Tears go by (almost 50 years later). A John Prine Song, a Randy Newman song... she lit a cigarette. Bill Frissel was a master one man back up band. Ended with Tom Waits' song Strange Weather: Everyone's the same, all over the world, talking about the weather.
 It was a little cloudy on the way there. 
The sun came through.
Just after we drove past Highbury it bucketed down.
I saw a National Treasure.

When Yoko Ono chose the stella cast for MELTDOWN FESTIVAL 27 June 2013 London Southbank.  

Set list 

Broken English

The Stations (Glitter Twins) 

Tower of Song (Leonard Cohen)  

Why Did We have to Part


Rich Kid Blues (Terry Reid) 

Vagabond Ways

As Tears Go By

Crazy Love

I'll Keep It With Mine (Bob Dylan)

In Germany before the War  (Randy Newman)

Working Class Hero (John Lennon)

The Ballad of Lucy Jordan (Shel Silverstein) 

Strange Weather (Tom Waits)


The Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Hal Kemp)



Special Badges. SPECIALS.


FLASHBACK: Martin Rev. 23 December 2017 New York - Bowery Electric. Blondie Mural Phoebe Artwork

 It was FER-REEEEZING cold out ... 13 degrees C. But Puma Perl came out and David and Emil and Delphine Blue ... and downstairs at the Bowery Electric it was PACKED. And SMOKING HOT because of Martin Rev - he was astonishing - just amazing - just so powerful - in his leather vest and shiny black pants and glasses. I don't know WHAT he's doing - smacking -  giving his synthesizer (?) a charlie horse and I dont know what the hell the box was on the top there with all those wires and bits and pieces but what he did just hoovered me to the front of the room and i was go-go girl ... - and this doesn't sound right either but I would never have got into Suicide so deep if it wasn't for Tim Broun So THANK YOU. Martin Rev is force - I just admire the living daylight nightlight flashing lights of him.

Martin Rev 

 Walked along Bleeker Street and spotted PHOEBE street art, some of them I could peel off the wall and they came home with me. Moon was up. The Blondie Mural (photos by Bobbie Grossman and Shepherd Fairey) is no more. 

Wednesday, December 13, 2023